Saturday, May 11, 2013


Spring is finally here!  Yay!  ... well, sort of, off and on.  It's actually snowing here today.  Oops, I said the "S word."  lol 

Anyway, just wanted to do a quick note and reminder on the fact that my wild edible-type blog posts are works in progress and I add to them over time as I try something new and/or get photos to share, specially now that spring is here.  I'll be posting a lot more.  I have a Doablesurvival Twitter account (there is a button on the right here, near the top) that you can sign up for and see when I do new posts; but when I just edit/update a post, it doesn't give a notice automatically.  I have to go in and make special mention when I make updates, which I may forget to do sometimes; but I'll do my best.  :)  

Just in the last few days, I tried Hops shoots (yum!), Maple buds, Birch buds (ugh!), Day Lily shoots and tubers, fresh Daisy leaves in a salad; made Sedum relish; got more photos on eating Marsh Marigolds and a better photo of Trout Lily bulbs now that I can see them growing again.

These are the edible posts that are works in progress: 

Edible Landscaping

Edible Mushrooms

Edible Wild Berries

Wild Edibles 

Edible Garden Flowers.

Be adventurous with your
 salads this summer!

I like to add wild foods and edible garden flowers to my salads when I can. It's also a good way to try a small amount of something new in case you have allergies or are sensitive to some things.  I will be doing a blog on edible garden flowers in a little while. 

It's early here, and there aren't a lot of things available yet; but today's salad fixin's include: Trout Lily bulbs (top center), Trout Lily flowers (it's cloudy today, so they are closed), young Daisy leaves (mild peppery taste), and (from my garden, on the left) Garlic Chives and Salad Burnet. 

(Personal note, the only thing I don't like about blogger is, when I edit or update a page, I can get everything just so; but when you close it, it throws things out of whack.  The spacing is off, things in the center are on the left, things that should be over photos are on the other side, etc.  You can't see it when you are editing it, so I have to end up going in and out many times to finally fix it.  grrrrr!  So if you see funny spacing or things that look out of line, that's why; and it wastes a lot of my time.)

Thanks again for checking out my blog, and feel free to leave 
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  1. I forget that I have chives in my garden. Are they really called GARLIC chives? Or are some called ONION chives? Hen

  2. I have regular chives and some that are called garlic chives because they have a more garlic taste to them. I bought them as a packet of seeds once.