Friday, March 21, 2014

DIY Berry/Fruit Picker

DIY Berry/Fruit Picker
Attach a long pole or branch to the bottom.

These are for tree berries and fruit, not ground.

I saw a DIY berry picker out of PVC pipe (see below); and it looked like a good idea, something I could use here to pick June Berries (Sugar Plums) that are high up off of the ground.  Then, I realized that they have to heat the PVC to bend it down, and I thought why not just use the natural curve at the bottom of a plastic bottle and make one that way?

As far as instructions, there isn't much to say about it.  The plastic bottles I used were sturdy and thick, so I had to use tin snips to cut them.  Just cut some V-shaped "fingers" to pull the fruit off.  Put a long pole or branch through the hole at the bottom where the cap is or attach it to the side.
This one turned out pretty good, 
from a vinegar bottle.  It's even big enough 
to pick small fruit with, like small apples. 
It's nice and sturdy.

View from the back.

This was my first attempt with a baby powder bottle.  
It's okay, but I like the vinegar bottle one better.  

Here's the PVC one I was referring to. (source) 

This is a another version they
 have on the same web site, 
with a razor. (source)

You can also use a 2 liter bottle to 
make a larger fruit picker. (source)
(You can put a cloth in the bottom to keep 
the fruit from bruising when it falls in.)

applepicking 002c.jpg
This is what a store-bought fruit 
picker looks like.  You could use wire, 
maybe hangers, and make your own.
Use your imagination.  :)
Hopefully, this gave you a few ideas to make 
your own fruit pickers.  :) 

 Thanks for checking out my blog.

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