Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Easy Suet Cakes for Birds

Easy Suet Cakes for Birds

This is a bit off topic, but I wanted to share this recipe I make every winter.  It will help you to save money if you buy suet cakes for the birds. When I figured out the cost once, it was at least half the price of the store-bought ones.

Use a large bowl or you could make a 1/2 batch.

Mix together:
4 cups quick cooking oats
2-4 cups cornmeal (I use 2)
2 cups white flour
4-6 cups bird seed

3 cups lard (I buy a large tub at Save A Lot)
1 small jar chunky peanut butter (18 oz)

Mix it all together.  I use plastic forms from store-bought suet cakes that I had bought, but you can use other containers.  I used a pan once and then cut it into smaller pieces.  I think I put tinfoil in the bottom to be sure it pulled out easy or you could use a little of the lard to grease the man.  (oh my gosh was that a Freudian slip?!  lol  I'm glad I proofread!) ....ummm I mean pan.  ;)  They are easiest to pop out if they are frozen.  I keep them in the garage in winter or, if isn't cold enough, put one in the freezer for a while before popping it out.  I put them in a suet cage.  The birds LOVE them!

I end up with about 9 of the forms filled.

Sometimes, my sister or mom make things like jelly and then give me the leftover strained fruit and I put that in the suet too.  I've also put raisins in it.  Use whatever you want in it.  

Thanks for checking this out. 

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