Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mushroom Season

Mushroom Season

It's Wabbit Season! ...ummm I mean Mushroom Season!  ..fall shroomies that is.  I found  a lot of Puffballs today, Oyster Mushrooms, and some Coral Mushrooms.  I thought I'd post a few photos.  You can check out my Edible Mushroom post here.... (click here) 


I like to cut them up small and saute and brown them 
in butter and put some in scrambled eggs.  
I freeze the rest after sauteing them.

~~Oyster Mushrooms~~

Check out the size of these ones!  :)

I also sauteed some of these in butter.  I'm 
dehydrating bunch to use in recipes later.

~~Coral Mushrooms~~

I find some of these brown ones taste good, and some 
taste terrible.  The white ones are better.  
Still nice survival info to have.

~~One of my mushrooming buddies.~~

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