Thursday, May 7, 2015

Paracord and its Uses.

Paracord and its Uses. 

This is 550, military-grade, made in USA.
Comes in numerous colors!

Paracord Bracelets

Paracord is great because it's so versatile, and you can even use the seven inner strands in a pinch.  It has many different uses (see below) in survival situations or just out hiking and camping.  Paracord bracelets are very popular now because you can wear one on your wrist or attached to your backpack and forget about it but pull it apart easily for cordage when needed.  They can come with useful gadgets too.  Roughly 1 inch of woven bracelet equals 1 foot of Paracord.  

To preshrunk or not preshrink?

When you use Paracord to make an item like a bracelet or bottle holder, you want to make sure to preshrink it.  It shrinks when it gets wet, so you want it to remain the right size.  If you use it to wrap a knife handle, walking stick, etc., it's best to shrink it after it is wrapped for a tighter fit.  To shrink, just place in warm water for about 15 minutes and dry. That's it!  Ta da!

Fire Cord

Fire Cord comes with an extra strand inside (red) that has water resistant oils in it to take a spark for starting fires.  To use it, you just take out a piece, rough it up, and put a spark directly to it.    


I make Paracord bracelets and even opened my own Etsy shop if you want to check it out.... Paracord Bracelets.  I make regular ones but like to use Fire Cord in some of them; and I also have some with buckles that have a built in fire flint and whistle for emergencies.  I've also preshrunk the Paracord as it shrinks when it gets wet, and you want it to stay the proper size. 

For these ones, I weave in a piece of Fire Cord 
the length of the bracelet. You can 
see a portion in the middle, red/black.

Paracord Uses

Just a few uses are to make snares/traps, splints/tourniquets, gear wraps (ie. walking sticks, knives), boot/shoe laces, cloths line, fire bow for starting fires, neck lanyard for carrying something important, zipper pulls, pet collars, key chains, survival key chains with hidden space, knife lanyard, etc; or it can be used for hoisting food up away from bears and other critters, putting up shelter (tent/tarp), constructing snow shoes, etc. etc.  The seven smaller strands inside can be used to make netting, fish line, heavy duty thread for repairs, dental floss, etc.  I found that it's nice to clip one or more onto my backpack strap.

These ones have a strip of Fire Cord and an 
emergency Fire Starter/Whistle Buckle. 

Both sides of a Fire Buckle with Whistle.

These ones are with a flat buckle so 
reversible to have a different
 pattern in the knot on each side. 

Can be made in many different 
knots.  This is a Fishtail knot. 
Snow not included.  ;)

I include one free with each order.  :)

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