About Me and My Blog

Hi, I'm a single gal and not mechanically inclined; so if I can figure out these things and afford them, you can too.  I like to search out and try several ways of doing something to come up with what works best and/or cheapest, in my opinion. Like I said on my main page, I plan to write about outdoor survival, wild edibles, cooking, food preservation, home-made household products, etc.   

I'm not a  fanatic "prepper" person, but I think it's good to be prepared for the many emergency situations that can come up.  I've been fascinated with outdoor survival-type things and wild edibles since I was a kid (I'm 48).  I believe, ultimately, we need to look to God as our source for all things; but he expects us to use our heads and prepare also for the many things that can go wrong in life.  :)

I live within walking distance of Lake Superior in the UP (upper peninsula) of Michigan.  I'm trained as a medical assistant but type emergency room reports from home now.  

I'm finding it takes a lot of time to do these blogs, a lot more than I thought it would; but it's about things I enjoy doing.  I always tend to want to share new things that I learn, so this is a good way to do it.  Maybe I won't bug my friends and family so much.  Ha ha!  ;)  Anyway, hopefully, I can save some others some time and trouble by sharing my experiences and doing the research.  


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  2. I always manage to find new and different tips from different blogs that follow the same footprint from the millions of blogs out there about preparedness and survival . Well done. Feel free to check out my blogs as well. They aren't of the preparedness and survival genre, but maybe you'll like some of the images and maybe get a laugh out of the other one.

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